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What is in a name? Well if you are looking to start a new business, or a new venture, then finding the right web names for sale can mean a lot.

A good business name can be hard enough to think up, but it becomes doubly so when trying to find an original business name with an available domain name that can go with it.

Thankfully, A2Z Business Brokers has a solution by having domain names that we know will marry up with a business to make a successful sales partnership.
web names for sale

“Is this an operation that just habitually buys domains on the off chance that someone will want to buy them in the future”, you ask?

The answer to that is NO – and I am just about to explain why.

If this is an area of interest, you have no doubt checked domain names in the past and found to your frustration that what seemed like a completely brilliant idea on your part has in fact already been thought of and duly registered by someone else. This is especially true of .com domains and you will usually find the culprit is based overseas and cannot be contacted by anything other than email. Frankly these operations usually look about as trustworthy as a man running away from you clutching your wallet.

Yes, it is true that the reason these domains have been registered is because they are good ideas that may either work well with search engines, or be easy to remember by humans. Perhaps even both. However, in most instances this is speculative, the registrant has taken a punt that this domain may be needed in the future and have just camped out on it.

The difference with A2Z Business Brokers is that domains we hold are from genuine past businesses that we have dealt with and know their provenance. This may have been a business that has been sold and absorbed into another larger business, or it might just as well have been a business that has ceased trading for a reason that is ‘known’ to us.

A business that has ceased trading is not the bad omen you might think. Businesses often close for personal reasons of the owner, or even because the owner has found a better opportunity elsewhere and has just left a perfectly good business opportunity to wither on the vine. The important thing to remember is that we know the reason and can tell you.

Better still, you can speak to us. Let’s be clear about this, we are charging more for these web names for sale than you would spend on other domains that have not been registered yet and that is because we know the value of these domains and can explain that value to you.

What a relief it can be to engage with real people that you can talk to, from a company with a physical address, based in England and with the address actually published on the company website. You never know, you may even be able to negotiate with us.

Why not tell us a little bit about your plans, roughly what you are after and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that, not only do we have a solution on the shelf, it may also not cost nearly as much as you think.

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