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The European Union has created a prize opportunity just waiting for those in the transport industry to capitalise upon.

A2Z Business Brokers has a business for sale that makes those prospects even more attractive.

The European Union has had its critics of late in the UK and in 2003 it issued a directive, which may not really hit the headlines here until Christmas 2014.

transport-truckDirective 2003/59/EC relates to the qualifications of any large vehicle driver be they bus drivers or, large goods vehicle drivers(LGV). It sets out requirements for testing and certification which are obligatory.

The thrust of this directive is road user safety of course, but it is having some unintended consequences that will potentially affect everyone and open the door to a whole new set of business opportunities.

The directive covers not just initial training and certification of drivers, but also periodic testing and re-certification which is meant to take place every 5 years.  As this directive came into effect for LGV drivers September 10 2009, this means that September 10 2014 was the first 5 year deadline for the certification/re-certification that has needed to be met.

However, as obtaining or maintaining this Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) has meant drivers completing 35 hours of training, many of the older hands have decided to not bother and retire early. This has left a significant shortfall of lorry drivers leading up to the peak period at Christmas. Added to this of course is the steady year-on-year increase in online shopping which will make the demand for road transport this year even greater than last.

The consequence of this shortfall of drivers is a high demand for the remainder and the maximum amount of overtime that the European working time directive will allow becoming the norm. It certainly means that running at close to 100% capacity for most transport firms is likely – whether they like it or not.

Sitting alongside this situation is the underlying trend of under-capacity in the transport industry as a whole which means the market is just crying out for additional suppliers.

A2Z Business brokers has an excellent transport business opportunity to either enter this market, or else extend an existing business. We have for sale a transport, storage and distribution centre. Recently relocated, the distribution depot offers excellent access to several major A roads and motorways. Perhaps more interesting still, the business continues to face increasing demand for its services which looks like a very good time to take it on.

As the current owner wishes to retire from the business for health reasons, the time is right for business buyer and business seller alike.

There is no doubt this is the right time to take advantage of this transport business opportunity. So, if you are seeking to make a transport investment, then please get in touch for more details and a confidential, no obligation, preliminary discussion.

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