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Startup Companies Ready for 2014

For once, the economic news has been almost universally good this week, so much so that a milestone relating to startup companies seems to have largely gone unnoticed.

As of the middle of December, more than 500,000 companies have been registered in Britain and the number continues to grow. At the time of writing (mid December), according to the tracker on the Startup Britain web site, 509,254 companies have been registered this year.

This is a great sign of optimism and would seem to back up the good news stories in the media of the economy growing faster than expected, employment growing and unemployment continuing to fall.

So 2014 looks very promising from this position and for investors this would be a great time to either invest in, or buy, a business as the potential for growth is now so much better than it has been in recent times.

For business sellers too, this could be a really good time to sell as the full potential of the business can now be sold. Not only will the business being sold have survived the worst financial downturn in almost a century, but with the right investment it can now take advantage of the coming upturn and provide a strong return for any prospective buyer. An important area of risk may have just been removed.

Here at A2Z Business brokers, we not only bring buyers and sellers of businesses together and help each party get the best from the deal, we also help people looking to start in business by introducing them to  franchise opportunities.

startup companies go buttonA franchise is a great way to get started in business as it removes many other areas of uncertainty. That is, the business model has already been proven and the marketing support that normally comes with the larger parent organisation means that the new business already has a substantial head start in its early stages.

So, if you have been hesitating in recent years about starting that new business, buying a franchise, investing in a business, or selling a business, then it may be a good time to mix your metaphors and release the handbrake and take the plunge.

Whatever metaphor, or situation suits you best we are here to help, so why not get in touch and let us help you get your next business move started.

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