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Selling your business can be a daunting affair. Most small business owners will have launched and nurtured their business from scratch. Letting go can be both a terrible and prone to risk if handled badly.

At A2Z Business Brokers we know this and have the extensive knowledge and experience to ensure minimal risk, smooth ownership transitions and maximum valuations.

There are two major components to be considered:

  1. Preparing to sell
  2. Promotion

We might also include a third item of business valuation, but this is an iterative process that is adjusted in both preparation and promotion stages.

Preparing to Sell

Unfortunately, selling your business is not always as simple as advertising a product. As with any task that has complexity associated with it, preparation is key.

This can be quite an involved and timely process and there are costs associated with the preparation stage which can be substantial.  A2Z Business Brokers is here to help you out: you can get a better idea of what is involved in this stage on our preparing to sell page.

Our Fees & Promoting Your Sale

Selling a business can be difficult, the very fact that the business is for sale could, once widely known, damage the credibility of the business so much that it could become unsaleable.  The business sale market is full of people just looking at what is out there, getting your business in front of the right potential purchaser is our expertise!

At A2Z Business Brokers we have a tried and tested network of contacts and are able to introduce your business to the right people, confidentially.

We agree a fully confidential, tiered and structured package with you to promote the business sale within your budget. This professional promotion advertises the details of the business for sale while still ensuring complete confidentiality.

More information can be found on our fees and promotion page.

Business Valuation

There is more to setting the correct price for the business for sale than licking your finger and sticking it in the air.  Even when you have decided a value you think is fair, you then have to convince a buyer of that value.

A2Z Business Brokers can not only help you decide on a fair business valuation we can also help you negotiate a final price point with any prospective buyer.

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Business Sale Stages

Preparing to Sell


Fees & Promotion



Most of our clients' businesses are listed without the business name, or exact location being disclosed.

We never disclose a client's name or address without their express permission.

If you have any concerns about confidentaility, or would simply like a private no obligation initial discussion then please contact us.

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