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If you are looking to sell business assets, or an active business with goodwill and future development prospects, then A2Z Business Brokers offers a confidential listing and support process which is simple, straight forward and economical.

A2Z Business Brokers can list your business for sale publicly on our businesses for sale listing on this website if you so wish, or else restrict it to our private listings available only to selected buyers. All listings are carefully anonymised unless it is specifically requested that we make the name of the business public. For this reason most of our clients’ businesses are listed without the business name, or exact location being disclosed. This is such a sensitive issue that, even if we do receive an instruction to make the name public, we will often advise against it.

confidential fileIn fact, we never disclose a client’s name, or address without their expressed and explicit permission. This also goes for the general location, where too specific information on certain businesses can be just too much of a clue. This is not just critical from a negotiation perspective it is truly a (business) life, or death issue in many cases. Confidentiality comes top of the list of our priorities in every case.

All listings remain active until a sale has been made. Typically the time span from listing to sale is between 6 and 24 months with the average being around 12 months. During this time our clients may expect to receive several enquiries and we help in sorting the wheat from the chaff. For example, we ask all enquirers to sign a confidentiality agreement before any further details are revealed and for them to supply us with additional information to help ensure they have the financial wherewithal that will make their purchasing prospects a real possibility. It is sometimes surprising how many ‘enquirers’ fall at this first hurdle.

Beyond the first hurdle, we support our clients helping them to ask prospective purchasers the right questions at the right time and only reveal the appropriate amount of information at key stages of the process. This allows confidentiality of the seller to be maintained, but still provides enough information for the purchaser to decide to to take the process to the next stage or not.

But before any of this begins we will tell you much more about the whole journey of selling your business and getting the best possible return. What information to supply and how to configure the business information to present it in the best light for the sale. Even how to re-evaluate how the business is run so that the handover is as smooth and safe as possible – for seller and buyer alike.

For business sales, mergers and acquisitions we are the professionals and there is so much more we could tell you, but perhaps it is better to speak to us directly to get a better view on how we could assist you specifically sell business assets, or your active business.

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Take control of your own business sale

Our average client is :-

  1. owned or controlled by one person or family
  2. established
  3. profitable with up-to-date trading figures

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