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How Do You Sell A Business?

When you run your own business, usually you’ve started it from scratch, nurturing each pound (and penny) through the books, your decision to sell does not comHow do you sell a businese easily.  Now having made that decision you want to get a good price for your hard work and dedication over many years. The process of how to sell a business can look scary at this point!

Unfortunately, many purchasers do not have the same value for the dedication and time spent nurturing a business, they are mainly interested in the cash book, the customer list and how your business will work for them!

Over then next few weeks we will bring your attention to the different factors which influence the purchaser, giving you the opportunity to have these in place before your business is even promoted on the market!

So for starters……

If you have decided to sell your business, it is no longer YOUR business!  Look at it as if it were one of your PRODUCTS – from this point on the business is a commodity, no longer your nurtured baby.  This may be the most difficult part of the business sale process for you!

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