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A ‘Company for Sale’ sign is not something you see that often. You might see a shop premises for sale, but that is usually the premises rather than the business as a whole.

Company For SaleThe reason is simple enough. Whether the business owner likes it or not, as soon as the ‘Company for Sale’ goes up, customers and employees will leave and before long there is no business left to sell.  A change in ownership can be a big thing, especially for a small business, and customers often start looking for alternatives as soon as there is any risk of a change in service levels.

So for most companies, the ‘for sale’ sign is strictly metaphorical and a way has to be found to advertise that the company is for sale without actually telling anyone. What a problem to have.

Fortunately there is a way to solve this problem and that is to use a broker like A2Z Business Brokers. With our fully confidential brokerage service it is possible to advertise that a company is for sale without disclosing the business name and so taking any risk that existing customers, or valuable employees may be lost.

We do of course advertise businesses for sale on this website, but they are almost always anonymously presented and often critical information is omitted if the selling owner is concerned that the business to be sold can be too easily identified. Sometimes we cannot even go that far and the owner is so nervous about being identified that only potential buyers that have signed a confidentiality agreement can be supplied with basic information.

Almost just as critically, purchasers can also choose to be anonymous. There can be many reasons, but of course one of them is at that this can be taken as a sign that one business is being exited in order to enter another.

The critical point here is confidentiality and the important role that a trusted third party plays in bringing together both sellers and buyers who do not wish to disclose their identity until the last minute and then only to parties who need to know.

It is a fine line that we tread, but we do it well and our clients know that at each stage in the delicate process of negotiation their information and identity will be handled in strict confidence and their wishes followed to the letter.

So, if you do have a business for sale, rest assured that your information will not go beyond a small and highly professional team who will take every care to protect your confidentiality while still pressing hard to find the right buyer for you.

If any of this sounds familiar and you would like to investigate further how to best market your company for sale then please get in touch for a confidential, no cost and no obligation initial consultation.

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