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The A2Z Business Brokers Business Sale Report can be obtained from this site in one of two ways. The first is via the businesses for sale search page and the second is by making a request by phone or via the contact page.

Online Businesses for Sale Search Results

This page outlines most of the businesses we have for sale. You can scroll through all the results if you wish or search on specific criteria such as business type, region or even sales price.

Not all businesses we have for sale are on this web site because some sales are just so sensitive, that our clients do not wish any clues to be available to the general public – no matter how slight.

Equally there are some details of the businesses on the listing that may be kept in reserve for confidentiality reasons.

Printed Business Sale Report

pencil_tickThe printed Business Sale Report has more detail as the viewers are restricted and we know who is receiving the report, but again some details are withheld.

This may seem a bit perverse, but the reason is confidentiality and the sensitive nature of business sales. Often the very fact that a certain type of business is for sale can be enough to destroy it. Ultimately, it is our clients who decide what can and cannot be said to the public and potential buyers. We may advise they disclose more sometimes, but the final decision is always with the client.

Personalised Consultancy

Because some information has to be withheld from the online Businesses For Sale listing and the printed Business Sale Report, we also offer a personalised consultancy service.

With personalised consultancy we can look in detail at a buyer’s or investor’s requirements and pull out of the businesses for sale listing the full details of all businesses for sale that meet the relevant criteria.

Confidentiality is still assured and we do expect clients making this more detailed enquiry to sign a confidentiality agreement. However, this can work very well as the search includes businesses for sale that are not publicly listed. It also utilises the sort of confidential personalised information from both parties that makes the final suggested matches much more appropriate and fruitful.

If you would like us to conduct a personalised search, then please get in touch.

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