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For many businesses that are starting on a growth path, seeking investment can offer some good alternative business routes forward that can provide much needed additional capital as a well as adding new areas of expertise to the board room.

A2Z Business Brokers has a growing list of individuals and businesses that are seeking to make investments in new and growing business ventures.

It must be said that not every investor wants their requirements publicised, even if their name is withheld. We therefore offer a confidential brokering service to bring together businesses looking for investment with the right type of investors. This is undertaken in a stuctured and measured way that reflects the need for confidentiality on both sides and a natural reluctance to rush into new commercial relationships that either, or both parties, may live to regret.

To see basic information about our Investors,  choose Investors in the Business Search.  There will be an introduction fee, details of which will be given when you enquire further.

If you are seeking specific investment into your business, why not advertise your needs with us too.  Contact us for more details.

Businesses Wanted

On occassion, we find that in order to keep competitive business owners wish to purchase a very specific enterprise to ‘grow’ their current operation.  To assist in this we have our Businesses Wanted search option, where you are able to see who is looking for what immediately.

The beauty of this section is that you may not have been planning to sell….but now you know there may be someone specifically looking for a business like yours!

Information for Investors and those seeking specific businesses

If you are an Investor or want a specific business, do not hesitate to contact us.  We have a tried and tested application process which ensures that the prospects you recieve are specific to your requirements.

Please be aware, there will be fees involved!  Details of which will be made immediately available when you get in touch.

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