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A2Z Business Brokers is a highly experienced, independent consultancy providing fully confidential, end-to-end, individual support for your business sale, or purchase.

The following is a breakdown of our background, experience and what we believe allows us to offer a genuinely distinctive support and consultancy service in the field of business brokerage and sales.

Highly Experienced

deal doneWith A2Z Business Brokers you will be supported in your business sale, or purchase, by a small team with more than 20 years of experience in handling delicate business sales negotiations.

A2Z Business Brokers is led by Anthony Redpath who established the business in the early 1990’s and who still plays an active role in its day-to-day operations.

Prior to establishing the business, Anthony had developed, and sold on, two previous businesses at a good return. It was these sales experiences that made him realise just how much he could bring to the process of buying and selling a business.

An accountant by profession, Anthony established the new brokerage business to specifically meet the challenges he had met himself in making his own business sales, while adding independent financial acumen to support the buyer and seller alike.

The business has of course evolved over its life and what started out as a primarily advertising concern quickly developed into a support and advisory consultancy. In 2012, the name of the business was changed to A2Z Business Brokers to recognise the full 360 degree service now offered.

We now promote and handle many types of business sale from large muti-million pound turnover national concerns to micro, SOHO type businesses.

The business continues to evolve as we develop new approaches to a changing business landscape and the special intellectual property and valuation challenges presented by modern, on-line businesses.

Individual Attention is Standard

individual attentionAt A2Z Business Brokers, we understand that the decision to sell your business is sometimes a difficult and emotional one. It is for this reason that, right from the start, we provide all of our clients with dedicated individual support.

Dealing with just one person means that you can be assured that your confidentiality will be maintained at all stages of the sale, or purchase process. Enquiries, or consultations can be made at a time convenient to you.

Individual attention also means adapting to individual needs; about how you wish to communicate; about the aspects of our service you may choose not use and about choosing the timing and nature of early stage face-to-face meetings.

It is about working with you, in partnership, to find the ‘right’ end solution – even if that is not the most obviously lucrative one.

Independent and Client Focused

When we agree to work with a client we think it right that the client gets the best service we can possibly provide. We don’t think that our service should be conditional on anything other than what is best for the client.

It is for this reason we are not affiliated, working with, or beholden to, any other business, or individual.

Our advice is based on experience, the market place, current financial factors and you. If and when we make specific recommendations, we do not do so lightly. In making a recommendation we will have a genuine belief based on past experience, and the current situation, that we think a particular course of action is correct for you the client. Not because we expect to gain an additional financial benefit.

Should we ever make a recommendation which does benefit A2Z Business Brokers financially, then this will be declared and passed on to you, as our client.

As a professional business brokers we work with all types of business: service and manufacturing.

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